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We are a group of creative and passionate individuals who work hard to develop high-quality products and services. We have a passion for innovation and develop our own brands within apps, while also developing applications for our customers.

We specialize in building apps for smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and computers using the latest technologies in cloud services, software and artificial intelligence. This allows us to create smart applications that take your digital life to the next level.

Whether you want to develop an app for your business or need an app for an organization, Rada Labs’ services are a great choice. We work hard to ensure that our products not only look amazing, but also work seamlessly and deliver amazing performance.

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Our history

We started because we wanted to be creative and innovate

It all started with an idea to simplify job searches. Rada Labs founders, Rasmus Tyrén and Dan Trygve Olsrød, wanted to innovate the job search process, and in 2017 they created the app idea “Joober”. The concept was further developed and won an innovation award from NAV at a hackathon, after which it was taken to the technology incubator Kobben. Rada Labs AS was later founded to bring together several app ideas under one company. Since then, Rada Labs has experienced significant growth, and the company now has 6 employees at Rada Labs’ offices in both Oslo and Vestfold, where they build several different applications and provide consulting services to companies. One of their successful projects includes the student app Student Sørøst

Specialized in ED-TECH

Norway’s best Student app

Rada Labs started developing the student app Student Sørøst in 2020 together with Studentsamskipnaden i Sørøst-Norge (SSN). The company started by organizing an Ideathon over a weekend, where they invited 100 students to compete to create the best idea for Norway’s best student app. The winners of the competition were hired by Rada Labs, and together with the company’s own developers, they developed the app.

Student Sørøst was launched in 2021 and currently has 12,000 active users of the University of South-Eastern Norway’s 18,000 students, which means that the app has reached 65% of the target group. The app offers a number of features that help students in their everyday study life. The student app can be used to lock yourself in and out of student housing, receive student bonuses when shopping, receive notifications about good offers and social events, and view the menu at restaurants.

In 2022, SSN acquired Rada Labs AS to secure technological expertise and development. By combining their expertise and experience, Rada Labs and SSN will work together to continue to innovate the digital study experience and develop new projects that can benefit students across the country.

Specialized in ED-TECH

Norway’s best Student app

Creativity, Quality, Simplicity and Social Responsibility

How we work at Rada Labs

Rada Labs has a strong focus on working towards its four core values: Creativity, Quality, Simplicity and Social Responsibility. The company culture at Rada Labs is all about being creative and innovative, and they have a flat structure where all employees influence the development of the services the company creates. This makes for a dynamic and innovative workplace where everyone can contribute their unique ideas and perspectives.

Rada Labs sets high standards for the quality of all products and services delivered. Everything is quality assured through user testing and through several stages in the company to ensure that the products function optimally and deliver what they are supposed to. Rada Labs builds all its products from the user’s perspective, and its third core value is Simplicity. This means that everything they create should be clean and easy to use, allowing users to navigate easily and efficiently through the services.

The company’s fourth core value is Corporate Social Responsibility, and this is an important aspect of everything they do. Rada Labs delivers its services from eco-friendly server farms and has a strong focus on building applications with a focus on economic, environmental and social responsibility. This shows that Rada Labs takes its role as a community player seriously and is committed to making a positive impact on society.


This is Rada Labs

Picture of Rasmus Tyrén CEO and founder

Rasmus Tyrén

CEO & Founder

Image of Dan Olsrød CTO and founder

Dan Olsrød

CTO & Founder

Stian Vaage

Stian Vaage

Senior Developer & Scrum Master

John Martin Dahl Kaalsaas

John Martin Kaalaas Dahl

Senior developer

Jan Thomas

Viktor Ormestad Larsen



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