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Being competitive today is about being able to deliver good quality and meet customer needs, at the lowest possible cost and as quickly as possible. This is what innovation and development is all about, constantly improving your products, services and processes.

Especially within service development – consultancy services, apps and websites – we have a strong focus on finding out and confirming what the user or customer needs to meet their requirements. We do this through hackathons, interviews and digital surveys with your customer/user segment.

We also provide consulting and coaching in process innovation, helping you and your team to optimize development and management through the industry’s best innovation methodologies.

Our team not only has academic specialization in innovation, design processes and development processes, but also years of experience in these areas.

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We work with innovation processes, all the time.

At Rada Labs, we have developed many apps, websites and services for our customers. Our processes follow the industry’s best innovation perspectives and methodologies, allowing us to deliver our services faster and more affordably than our competitors, without compromising on quality. We specialize in, among other things. within customer-driven innovation methodologies such as Lean, Lean-startup, Design-Thinking and Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban. Within marketing, we specialize in, among other things. The Cold Start Problem methodology.

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