Selected projects

App development

Student Sørøst

Norway’s best student app – Developed for Studentsamskipnaden i Sørøst-Norge.
The aim of the app is to bring together all the services that students need. This is done via an app-within the-app system we call Microservices. For example, a microservice allows you to buy food in the Student Organizations canteen with the app and earn discounts on items in the canteen.
The app launched in August 2021 for USN’s 18,000 students across eight different campuses.

App development & Web development


All your digital platforms and feeds in one place.

Help your friends, your customers or your audience discover everything you have to share, including social media, content, contact details and more – all on one profile and all in one feed. Sharing is easy via link or QR code.
An ingenious solution tailored to you, influencers and businesses.


Innovation and idea development

Ideathon 2020

Ideathon is a concept developed by Rada Labs and a number of partners, including Studentsamskipnaden i Sørøst-Norge.

The concept consists of “Hackathons”, where students are invited to come up with creative new ideas and solutions for a purpose, with the chance to win exciting prizes.
Ideathon 2020 was incredibly successful, and as a result, the idea and concept for the “Student Southeast” app emerged.

Marketing & Design


During the spring of 2022, Rada Labs carried out a rebranding process to Aventia Media AS. Aventia wanted a brand and a brand expression that better represented both the times and the company’s development after several years.
Rada Labs delivered a mapping phase with a brand workshop, a new brand design, and a design package with an accompanying design manual.


Mizzi is an online fashion store developed by Rada Labs. The online store is built in WooCommerce with multiple integrations, such as seamless integration with checkout and inventory systems, delivery services and multiple payment solutions.

Loyalty card portal

Loyalty card portal

Student welfare organization in Southeastern Norway


The voucher portal is a web application where SSN employees can manage vouchers and coupons linked to the Student Sørøst app.

Active Eye

Active Eye

University of South-eastern Norway


Project Active Eye was a research project developed by Rada Labs AS in collaboration with researchers at the University of South-Eastern Norway.

Rada Labs aimed to develop and build an application to promote physical activity, sleep and health in adolescents and young adults.

The project was supported by the Regional Research Fund: Oslofjordfondet.



Internal project


Joober is an app that was developed to make job searching easier. The app was then a finalist and winner of the Hack4NO innovation competition.

Today, the Joober project has been discontinued and we are now developing a new platform using the same technology.

Cleopatra Fashion

Cleopatra Mote AS is an online fashion store developed by Rada Labs. The website is built in Shopify with some integrations with Facebook and Instagram online store, Instagram feed and payment solutions.

Idea bank

Idea bank

Student welfare organization in Southeastern Norway


The idea bank was part of to promote student innovation. Here, students could post ideas on how to improve student life.



Sensors & Systems


Sensys Norway is developed by Rada Labs AS. SenSys is a national innovation collaboration for access to equipment and expertise in enabling micro- and nanoelectronics, sensors and sensor systems.

Ocean heat

Oceantherm AS is a website largely developed by Rada Labs.
OceanTherm develops solutions to prevent hurricanes and tropical storms.

Electronic Coast

Electronic Coast is developed by Rada Labs AS. Electronic Coast is an independent industry association and competence cluster that works with arena and network building. The cluster’s goal is to strengthen value creation and innovation in electronics and ICT-based companies in Vestfold.